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Finans (Moscow) - December 19, 2005

Company of the Year

National business award

Award winners

The Company of the Year 2005 National Business Award ceremony was held in Bolshoy Petrovsky Hall (President Hotel) in Moscow on December 7, 2005. The event was organized by RBC.

The Company of the Year National Business Award is referred to as the Award of Awards in the Russian business world. It is supported by the Economic Development and Trade Ministry and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia, and conferred on the brightest and most dynamic industrial, financial and service companies. The award does not mark a company's success over the whole period of its operation, but only during the previous year.

The Industry Category

TNK-BP is a major Russian vertically integrated oil and gas company, established in September 2003 as a result of merging of Russian companies TNK, SIDANCO and main Russian assets of BP. As of today TNK-BP is the second largest Russian oil company, employing about 100,000 people. It carries out production activities in almost all oil-and-gas bearing areas in Russia. At present its daily average production is approximately 1.5m barrels. TNK-BP manages six oil refining enterprises in Russia and Ukraine, selling its products through 2,100 gas stations.

IRKUT Corporation is one of the leading players of the Russian aircraft industry. The company produces complex aircraft and was the first mass production enterprise to obtain the certificate of compliance with the international standard ISO 9002. Irkutsk jets are operated in more than 30 countries. Earlier, the enterprise expedited only defense orders, while now it is launching products to be used for civil and military or for civil only purposes.

SOK Group is one of Russia's top asset management companies whose major interest lies in automotive industry. Today SOK Group is the second largest car manufacturer in Russia. In 2005 SOK Group was the first in Russia to start full-scale production of a foreign model, KIA Spectra, at Izh-Auto. The company controls 25% of the domestic market of car parts and 12% of the car market itself. SUAL Group is a vertically integrated company, one of the world's top ten largest aluminum smelters. The company performs a full production cycle - from bauxite production to manufacturing of aluminum products. It includes 20 enterprises located in 9 regions of Russia and the Zaporozhye region in Ukraine.

Over the past year SUAL Group has become the first in terms of production growth of not only primary aluminum, but also a whole range of aluminum products. The new aluminum production technology, unique in Russia, has been developed and implemented at the company's premises. The Group's mining facilities provide raw materials for the company's enterprises for decades to come.

Togliattiazot Corporation is a leader of the Russian chemical industry, the world's largest ammonia producer. It was established in 1992 on the basis of an enterprise operating since 1979. The company has been exporting its products for 25 years which has helped it earn a reputation of a reliable supplier among its customers in 120 countries including the USA, Canada, Italy and Germany. In 2005 the company made a real breakthrough. It was the first in Russia to set up production of reaction pipes for ammonia and methanol synthesis plants with the help of the rotary casting technique. In future, the new production will allow the Russian chemical industry to give up reaction pipe imports and save considerable sums of money.

MIRAX GROUP is a construction corporation established in St. Petersburg in 1994. It acts concurrently as a customer, investor and general contractor on all its construction projects. At present MIRAX GROUP portfolio includes over a million of square meters of business and premium-class dwelling already built or under construction.

MIRAX GROUP was the first among Russian construction companies to prepare its financial statements under the US GAAP. In 2005 the corporation was assigned the B++ reliability rating by the leading rating agency Expert RA. Today MIRAX GROUP is the only construction company in Russia to have obtained such a high expert rating.

Soyuz-Victan is the largest manufacturer of alcoholic beverages. According to rating assigned by Drinks International Millionaires Club in 2004, the SV brand is the fifth in the world in terms of sales volumes and first for growth among international and regional vodka brands. A rating by National Alcohol Association of Russia made Soyuz-Victan first among the CIS largest vodka producers after 8 months of 2005. The company has 6 Grand Prix, 60 gold, 23 silver and 10 bronze awards from major international tasting competitions. The company's products are sold in more than 30 countries of the world.

Karat is the largest Russian manufacturer of dairy products, processed, soft and hard cheese, the owner of famous Druzhba and Yantar brands. Founded in 1934 as a Moscow factory of processed cheese, today Karat is a national holding of dairy enterprises. Its current product range counts over 200 items. In 2005 the company manufactured over 22,000 tons of products.

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