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November 7, 2008
RBC launches first Russian information and entertainment alcohol portal DrinkTime.ru

January 23, 2008
RBC enters contextual advertising market

December 26, 2007
Salon Press expands its interior design titles range

June 27, 2007
RBC TV's monthly audience exceeded 10mln viewers

June 18, 2007
According to TNS Gallup Media rating, RBC Daily's audience rose 27% over three months

August 1, 2006
RBC's new project RBC.Credit

March 13, 2006
RBC launches new project in Ukraine

December 8, 2005
Company of the Year 2005 winners announced

October 18, 2005
New RBC's project: consumer market newsline on September 22

September 21, 2005
Quote Bonds portal to be launched on September 22

April 12, 2005
TalonTM - find out what foreign investment funds own!

April 11, 2005
RBC and COMCON sign partnership accord

February 28, 2005
Person of the Year 2004 Prizewinners

February 15, 2005
RBC TV programs broadcast on CNBC

February 2, 2005
RBC introduces new product

November 29, 2004
RBC TV introduces new program schedule

November 9, 2004
RBC TV's audience doubles

October 27, 2004
EFFIE/THE BEST BRAND winners announced

June 10, 2004
RBC TV launches broadcasting in Ukraine and Kazakhstan

June 9, 2004
RBC Soft develops car imports control system for State Customs Committee

June 3, 2004
Comcon Media: RBC TV weekly audience exceeds 1.5m people

May 31, 2004
RBC TV to cover 85% of St. Petersburg audience

April 1, 2004
RBC Rating. New analytical project of RBC

March 12, 2004
RIA RosBusinessConsulting introduces new version of QuoteTotal 1.2. information and analytical terminal

February 6, 2004
RBC offers new product Issuer Messenger

January 29, 2004
RBC receives Media Choice-2003 award

December 10, 2003
RBC ranked 43rd on Deloitte's European Technology Fast 500

December 3, 2003
RBC sells over 1,000 marketing surveys in one year

November 3, 2003
RBC-TV declared TV Event of the Year of 2003

August 29, 2003
RBC Bonds offers information about corporate bond market

May 22, 2003
New Promissory Note Terminal by RBC

April 28, 2003
Russian exchange market of Urals oil on RBC

March 25, 2003
Winners of the Person of the Year 2002 award announced

February 26, 2003
Cash Currency Online: new version of the section developed

February 25, 2003
RBC releases preliminary results for 2002: revenue and net income exceed forecasts

February 17, 2003
RBC releases first issue of Internet business newspaper RBC Daily

January 27, 2003
RBC TOOL offers easier access to RBC's information services

January 10, 2003
RBC Hosting Center offers registration of domains in su. zone

December 5, 2003
Russian companies awarded at the national investment forum Gold Reserve of the Fatherland
RBC among top 100 on prestigious European rating list

December 2, 2002
RBC launches new project: Market Research

October 21, 2002
A new design of the RBC Win information terminal presented

July 29, 2002
RBC's financial results for the first six months of 2002

July 25, 2002
RBC presents new exchange terminal: currency exchanges

July 23, 2002
RBC's new Stock Terminal presented

July 19, 2002
RBC presents the client version of its solution Technical Analysts of the Stock Market

July 16, 2002
RBC presents a new analytical solution: Technical Analysis of the Stock Market

June 20, 2002
RBC develops Comstar web site

June 11, 2002
RBC offers new product - "Fuel and Energy News"

June 3, 2002
RBC presents new version of Stock Exchange Terminal

May 28, 2002
RBC ans Sumitomo Corporation announce strategic partnership

May 23, 2002
Market Map is new RBC product for estimating current situation on Russia's securities market

May 22, 2002
RBC finalizes development of web site for Aoyama Motors

May 21, 2002
RBC Board of Directors decides to set up RBC TV and hold a General shareholder meeting

April 18, 2002
Russian stock market sees first IPO
RBC opens boutique at GUM

April 16, 2002
RBC introduces IT solution for Middle Volga Interregional Managing Energy Company

April 11, 2002
RBC opens its web-hosting center

April 1, 2002
RBC develops web site for Alarm Service company

March 29, 2002
Winners of Person of the Year 2001 award announced

March 20, 2002
RBC starts registration of domains in new zones

March 5, 2002
RBC presents online stock trade simulator

January 25, 2002
RBC develops a new Internet resource for students - 5ballov.ru

December 3, 2001
RBC places convertible bonds worth $5m

November 23, 2001
The First to come! RosBusinessConsulting Floats Its Stocks

November 15, 2001
"Internet-Newpaper" is RBC's solution for building a media website

November 8, 2001
RBC begins registering domain names in .biz zone

November 8, 2001
RBC completes corporate web site for Deyros

November 1, 2001
RosBusinessConsulting Wins Brand of the Year / EFFIE 2001 Award

November 1, 2001
METRO Cash & Carry

October 11, 2001
AltaVista Comes to Russia

October 7, 2001
RBC registering .biz and .info domains

July 3, 2001
RBC begins work on Petrokommertz bank's web site

July 3, 2001
RBC includes more information in its TV guide

July 2, 2001
LUKoil Arctic-Tanker becomes new partner of RBC

June 21, 2001
RosBusinessConsulting and FinEcoInvest present new joint information project

June 18, 2001
RBC provides access to "Interbank credits online"

June 9, 2001
RBC develops a web site for Electricheski Mir Trading House using the EasyShop technology

June 4, 2001
New channel of distributing RBC information

May 30, 2001
RBC becomes official representative of Navision/Siebel in Russia

May 28, 2001
RBC develops web site www.citroensat.ru

May 25, 2001
New Product From RBC: RBC Win Financial Terminal

May 23, 2001
RBC authorized to register domains in .biz and .info zones

April 28, 2001
Registration of multilingual domains: RBC invites partners

April 27, 2001
RBC creates new tourist web portal: RBC tourism

April 23, 2001
RBC and CyperPlat: new opportunities for clients

April 20, 2001
RBC develops a web site of 3rd international theater Olympic contest

April 19, 2001
RBC presents Yellow Pages

April 9, 2001
RBC begins developing Service 77 online store

April 3, 2001
RBC and CyberPlat offer new opportunities for subscribers

March 29, 2001
RBC develops new web site of the Bolshoi Theater

March 1, 2001
RBC offers wireless Internet access

February 26, 2001
RBC starts registration of domains in Russian characters

February 16, 2001
RBC completes the development of PCHome web site

February 13, 2001
RBC starts partnership with the Bolshoi Theater

February 9, 2001
RBC becomes a representative of Openshop in Russia

February 7, 2001
RBC Commentary Line

January 29, 2001
RBC raises security of Russian Internet

January 25, 2001
RBC presents a new product created together with the Restec exhibition company - information system Timber Terminal

November 29, 2000
Over 50 clients received SSL certificates at RBC

November 24, 2000
The RBC Internet solutions department develops the virtual trade portal GUM-Internet

November 20, 2000
RBC presents its Internet solution department and a new site for web solution services

November 16, 2000
RBC takes part in Internet World Fall 2000

November 12, 2000
RBC presents a tax calendar

October 19, 2000
RBC presents new information system - Interbank Credits Online

October 17, 2000
RosBusinessConsulting becomes an Internet holding

October 5, 2000
The Internet holding RosBusinessConsulting launches new project at www.informer.ru

October 3, 2000
RBC opens chat for banks participating in its Cash Currency Online system

September 25, 2000
RBC wins a tender announced by Comstar Telecommunications

September 19, 2000
New RBC project - oil online with IPE trade results

September 18, 2000
RosBusinessConsulting makes its new web resources available via WAP

September 14, 2000
RosBusinessConsulting launches new web site at sport.rbc.ru with latest news from Sydney-2000

September 12, 2000
RosBusinessConsulting presents a new version of RBC Bill Terminal with real time quotes

September 12, 2000
New version of a job search engine at www.job.rbc.ru

September 4, 2000
RosBusinessConsulting presents a new calendar of events

August 30, 2000
Tens of thousands of people watch news and video clips of Russian television companies at the RBC web site.

August 21, 2000
RosBusinessConsulting presents CNews project with Internet and hi-tech news

August 18, 2000
The Internet project development department of RosBusinessConsulting launches GUM-Internet project aimed at establishing the largest shopping mall on the Russian Internet

August 4, 2000
RosBusinessConsulting joins Intel's e-Business Solution Provider Program (Intel eBSP)

July 13, 2000
RosBusinessConsulting presents the INFOMART system. It is a daily updated consumer market database on the Internet with built-in analysis of statistical information

June 20, 2000
RosBusinessConsulting presents new service providing WAP access to its information resources

June 19, 2000
For the first time on the Russian Internet - order cash currency online at www.rbc.ru/cash/

June 9, 2000
RosBusinessConsulting begins providing real time information 24 hours a day

May 29, 2000
RosBusinessConsulting offers new product - calendars of economic events.

April 04, 2000
CQG Information becomes available to RBC subscribers.

March 28, 2000
RosBusinessConsulting breaks new record on the Russian Internet, as the RBC web site at www.rbc.ru was visited by more than 280,000 people on March 27.

March 3, 2000
Internet conference with Transport Minister Sergey Frank.

February 9, 2000
RIA RosBusinessConsulting and the First Ukrainian Trading System conclude an agreement for provision of online trade results.

February 3, 2000
Internet conference with Antimonopoly Minister Ilya Yuzhanov.

January 19, 2000
Press conference devoted to the opening of the Internet Academy.

January 19, 2000
Press conference with Mobile TeleSystems on year-end results.

January 17, 2000
RIA RosBusinessConsulting presents a new design of its web site.

December 31, 1999
Full text and video of Boris Yeltsin's resignation address.

December 30, 1999
RIA RosBusinessConsulting is rated among Russian top-ten actively developing information and consulting companies.

December 20, 1999
RIA RosBusinessConsulting provides 24-hour coverage of the parliamentary elections.

December 15, 1999
Press conference "Law Enforcement Bodies on Duty of Honest and Democratic Elections".

December 8, 1999
RIA RosBusinessConsulting begins broadcasting the course of trading on the system of guaranteed quotes of the Russian Trading System (RTS) and provides additional information on trading at the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX).

December 1, 1999
Internet conference with Yevgeny Primakov.

November 29, 1999
RIA RosBusinessConsulting launches a new project called 'Big Politics'.

November 24, 1999
RIA RosBusinessConsulting and Rambler conduct the 'Commercial Success with Internet Projects' seminar.

November 18, 1999
New product - Political News line.

November 15, 1999
A press conference with Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov is conducted online for the first time on our server.

November 15, 1999
New product on the RBC web site - RBC NEWS-SPb highlights news from North-Western Russia.

November 5, 1999
RIA RosBusinessConsulting opens a data base of press releases sent to us by major computer, telecommunications and other hi-tech companies in the Hi-Tech news section of the RBC web site.

October 29, 1999
RIA RosBusinessConsulting Presents RBC NEWS line in English.

October 22, 1999
RIA RosBusinessConsulting steps onto world stage with AFX News.

September 17, 1999
RIA RosBusinessConsulting makes a major policy shift in that the agency does not see the necessity of nominating itself in competitions for best Internet web site.

August 25, 1999
New product of RIA RosBusinessConsulting - Online Trading at the Stock Exchange "St. Petersburg"

August, 1999
New projects - Petrol Prices Online and Map of Petrol Prices in the Russian Regions.

June 6, 1999
New product - Stock and Financial Newsline.

June, 1999
New version of the online SELT system.

June, 1999
New project - RBC-Informers (graphic changing elements).

April 7, 1999
RIA RosBusinessConsulting releases the first version of a new product - "RBC Bill Terminal".

March 29, 1999
Our web-site is hooked up to rapid-speed channel.

March, 1999
Our Internet channel was increased to 5.5 Mbit/sec due to a sharp rise in the number of visitors to our web-site during the war in Kosovo.

February, 1999
RIA RosBusinessConsulting together with MacCenter launch a new project - "Finances at Your Fingertips".

February, 1999
RIA RosBusinessConsulting presents a new way of delivery - via pager.

January, 1999
RIA RosBusinessConsulting presents new ways of delivery - via television and radio.

January, 1999
RIA RosBusinessConsulting offers a new product - "Press Digest".

December 1998
RIA RosBusinessConsulting was included on the list of companies and banks developing in an active and stable manner.

November 5, 1998
RIA RosBusinessConsulting was given the GRAND PRIX, the highest award of the 'Business - Site 98' competition.

October 29, 1998
For the first time in Russia: free access to the market of cash currency online.

October 1, 1998
For the first time in Russia: free online access to the cash currency market.

August 26-September 21, 1998
On August 26th our Internet site was enlarged to 2.2 megabytes per second, and on September 21st to 3.2 megabytes per second to better serve the increasing amount of visitors to the RBC server.

August 18, 1998.
'Telerate (formerly 'Dow Jones Markets') and RBC concluded an agreement on partnership and cooperation.

August 17, 1998
On August 17th our Internet site was enlarged to 1.1 megabytes per second as the number of visitors to our server has increased sharply.

July 4, 1998.
RBC brings to your attention our free online economic game based on the real equities market.

July 1, 1998
RBC takes third place in a competition sponsored by the Russian Federal Securities Commission.

June 30, 1998
RBC offers it's new service - 'Converter of Currencies' online

June 1, 1998
RosBusinessConsulting offers its clients a forecast of financial markets based on Elliot's wave theory.

April 1998
The creation of a new Internet server, Russia's largest of its kind, providing the most comprehensive economic analyses available.

April 22, 1998
RBC, together with the Tora - Info Center, offers their clients technical analyses of RTS data in real time, MetaStock 6.5 version.

February 1998
RosBusinessConsulting's access channel expands to 512 Kb.

January 1998
RosBusinessConsulting pioneers in Russia the creation of its own PUSH channels.

January 1998
The number of RBC clients exceeds 2,000.

December 1997
The RBC BBS stock of telephone lines reaches 42.

November 1997
The RAMBLER and INFOART rating systems record the daily average of visitors to the RBC homepage to be more than 1,000, the highest number among Russia's news agencies.

August 1997
RosBusinessConsulting sets up a newsline, embracing financial and stock market information.

September 1997
RosBusinessConsulting opens its third affiliate in Moscow.

May 1997
RosBusinessConsulting becomes Russia's sole news agency to provide on-line transmission from Russia's eight major trading sites.

December 1996
RBC's courier crew exceeds 150.

December 1996
RBC creates built-in technical analysis from trading sites.

November 1996
RosBusinessConsulting creates Russia's first official on-line information system, transmitting the course of trade from Russia's trading sites via the Internet (RTS trade).

October 1996
RosBusinessConsulting starts calculating its own RBC Index.

May 1996
RBC's BBS stock of telephone lines increases by 10 and reaches 30.

March 1996
RBC launches the "Over-the-Counter Equity Market" as a separate information and analysis database and bulletin.

December 1995
RBC launches the "Bills Market" as a separate information and analysis database and bulletin.

December 1995
The number of RBC clients exceeds 1,000

November 1995
The number of clients of RBC's St Petersburg affiliate exceeds 100.

October 1995
RBC signs an agreement with the Russian Central Bank on the disclosure of information on Russian banks.

September 1995
RBC creates an English version of its Internet server.

May 1995
RBC is the first among Russian news agencies to establish its own Internet server.

February 1995
The RBC regional network of correspondents is established.

January 1995
RBC issues its first "Itogi Goda" ("Year's Summary of Events") annual analytical bulletin.

January 1995
RBC launches "Information on State Treasury Bills" as a separate information and analysis database and bulletin.

November 1994
RBC becomes the first among Russia's news agencies to apply technical and comprehensive analyses to the GKO/OFZ market.

September 1994
RBC establishes its affiliate in St. Petersburg.

June 1994
RBC establishes its news department.

June 1994
RBC moves to new premises: 15 Novatorov Street, Moscow, 117630, Russia, which it still occupies.

May 1994
RBC signs an agreement with the TENFORE international system on providing joint information.

March 1994
RBC establishes its analytical department.

February 1994
The increased flow of information on the stock market prompts RBC to launch the "Stock Market" as a separate bulletin , moving it out of the of the "Information. Analyses. Commentaries" bulletin.

December 1993
RBC issues its first "Itogi Nedeli" ("Weekly Review") analytical bulletin.

August 1993
RBC acquires its first own "Remote Access" BBS.

July 1993
RBC establishes its archive service and begins to provide archive data.

June 1993
RBC begins to issue its currency & finance information survey in the electronic form.

February 1993
The number of RBC subscribers exceeds 100.

June 1992
RBC issues its first "Information. Analysis. Commentaries" bulletin covering the latest currency and credit developments.

May 1992
RBC signs its first contract on service providing with the "Gagarinsky" bank.

May 1992
RosBusinessConsulting information agency is founded.


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