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Ukraine's leader calls for improving Constitution

      RBC, 24.08.2010, Kiev 12:51:22.Kiev Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich has suggested "improving Ukraine's Constitution," RBC Ukraine reported citing the president's speech in Kiev during the celebration of Ukraine's Independence Day.

      "I see Ukraine as a country with a stable political system and I have a precise formula to describe it, which includes: a strong president who has all the means for coordinating control over the implementation of key reforms and the country's strategic development plan; a competent and politically structured parliament with a strong coalition and influential opposition; responsible and professional executive authorities, with ministers who do not have immunity; local authorities who are responsible to their local communities; independent and fair courts whom Ukrainians can trust," Yanukovich said.

      According to him, such a political system must start working as soon as possible, and for this to happen, the country's Constitution must be "significantly improved."

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