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Ukraine worried by possible rise in Russian gas prices

      RBC, 08.02.2008, Moscow 11:44:18.If Ukraine switches to direct gas supplies from Russia's Gazprom, it will have to pay $325 per 1,000 cubic meters of gas compared to $179.5 it pays now while importing gas through RosUkrEnergo, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said during a live television broadcast yesterday, commenting on Gazprom's intention to halt gas supplies to Ukraine from February 11. According to the Ukrainian President, Russia is trying to confront Ukraine with a difficult choice whether to import gas directly or through an intermediary, but it is not important as long as it remains cheap and high quality, Yushchenko stated. The republic's leader voiced an opinion that Gazprom's threat to suspend gas supplies was caused by the Ukrainian government's attempts to revise gas transportation tariffs and remove RosUkrEnergo from the republic's gas supply chain.

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