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RosUkrEnergo buys Russian gas to cover Asian gas shortage

      RBC, 16.01.2008, Moscow 19:51:20.RosUkrEnergo has replaced 740m cubic meters of Asian gas with Russian resources since the start of 2008 to ensure uninterrupted gas supplies to Ukraine, which has been confirmed by a Gazprom insider. Gazprom does not make any direct gas deliveries to Ukraine. According to RosUkrEnergo's Executive Director Konstantin Chuychenko, this month saw a cut in natural gas supplies from Central Asia on account of unusually cold weather. The gas shortage is now close to 40m cubic meters of gas a day. RosUkrEnergo purchased 740m cubic meters of gas at USD 314.7m per thousand cubic meters. However, the company made no comment whether the gas price would be hiked for Ukraine, as the company is now selling Central Asian gas to the country at the price of USD 179.5 per thousand cubic meters agreed upon by Gazprom's chief Alexei Miller and Ukraine's Fuel and Energy Minister Yury Boyko on December 4.

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