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Russia's share on nuclear market not to exceed 30%

      RBC, 02.11.2006, Moscow 16:54:32.Russia's optimal share on the global nuclear fuel cycle market is about 25 percent, Sergei Kiriyenko, the head of the Federal Agency for Atomic Energy (Rosatom), told journalists today. If Russia is to enter other countries' nuclear energy markets, it should be guided by the principle that if Russia's share exceeds 30-percent, it will complicate the situation on the market, he said. The federal agency chief stressed that Rosatom would continue to abide by its export policy and reiterated that Russia did not intend to export natural uranium, while it would be ideal to build a nuclear power station abroad and supply it with Russian-produced fuel.

      Russia does not plan to increase uranium exports considerably due to higher production volumes, Kiriyenko stated, referring to plans to create a uranium mining giant, which will contribute to that effect. Russia's proven uranium stockpiles now stand at 615,000 tonnes, according to Kiriyenko, and that figure is set to increase, he said.

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