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Ukrainian leader vows to facilitate opposition's work

      RBC, 04.08.2006, Kiev 10:32:25.Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko will do all that is necessary to ensure that the rights of the opposition are respected, he stated in an interview on leading Ukrainian television channels. When asked to elaborate, he added that he was speaking of the law on opposition and the need for relevant adjustments to be made to parliamentary practice. "I've been in the opposition," the leader said.

      Yushchenko noted that the political forces that signed the national unity agreement on Thursday had taken upon themselves the obligation to create normal conditions for the opposition to operate in. The President stressed that he saw no threat in opposition forces, claiming that they must understand that they should seek to be constructive in their practices. "I think it's a two-way street for us," Yushchenko stressed, thus expressing a hope that the opposition forces would not be in opposition to the country.

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