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Yulia Timoshenko to build opposition force in Ukraine

      RBC, 03.08.2006, Kiev 18:26:26.The Yulia Timoshenko block intends to create an inter-faction parliamentary opposition force, its leader, Yulia Timoshenko stated at the final round-table meeting called by the country's President for the purpose of resolving the political crisis.

      According to Timoshenko, her bloc will refer to the national unity accord as "the Orange camp's backdown." The leader has declared herself the leader of the opposition parliamentary political force, which, she said, would eventually cease to be parliamentary.

      Timoshenko has slammed the national unity agreement, claiming that 90 percent of it is made up of "banalities", and the remaining 10 percent drawn up to suit the Regions Party. Timoshenko was displeased with the more mildly-worded position on the official status of the Ukrainian language, NATO accession, and the establishment of a common local Ukrainian orthodox church. She also spoke out against including a clause about cooperation within the Common Economic Space in the document.

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