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Russia's nuclear potential reported

      RBC, 31.07.2006, Moscow 14:20:51.Russia possesses 927 strategic nuclear weapons and 4,279 nuclear warheads while the US have 1,225 strategic nuclear weapons and 5,966 warheads, Nikolai Artyukhin, head of the National Center for the Reduction of Nuclear Threat, told journalists today. This data has been obtained from the information exchange under the strategic nuclear weapons treaty signed by the USSR and the US in 1991.

      Artyukhin also said that Russia had destroyed over a thousand nuclear weapons since the treaty was signed. Russia has also performed 356 inspections in the US while the USA has performed a total of 509 inspections, 437 of them in Russia.

      Originally the treaty was five-sided, Artyukhin added. It was also signed by Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus.

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