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Duma cautions Ukraine over NATO plans

      RBC, 07.06.2006, Moscow 16:20:25.The Russian State Duma expresses a serious concern over Ukraine's plans to join NATO, reads the Duma's address to members of the Ukrainian parliament in connection with Ukraine's NATO plans and the situation in Crimea. The bill was voted 435 to 0, with one abstention.

      The document states that Ukraine's admission to the military bloc will have negative consequences for a full range of relations between the two nations. In the opinion of members of the Russian parliament, such far-reaching decisions should be made taking into consideration the opinion of the majority of the population, as would be proper for a democracy.

      The bill notes that Russia cannot be indifferent to the future of Crimea and Ukraine at large. Russian deputies stress their concern over Crimean population's opposition to NATO exercises being held in Crimea. Deputies reiterate that millions of Russians reside or vacation in Crimea, and that it is home to Russia's Black See Fleet.

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