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Russia and US to draft peaceful nuclear energy use accord

      RBC, 24.05.2006, Washington, D.C. 15:20:18.Russia and the US have managed to set in motion the process of drafting a Russian-American agreement on the peaceful use of nuclear energy and lifting anti-dumping restrictions on uranium supplies from Russia to the US, head of the Russian Federal Nuclear Energy Agency (Rosatom) Sergei Kiriyenko said following his talks with US Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, as quoted by the agency's Press Secretary Sergei Novikov.

      Commenting on the preparation of the bilateral agreement on the peaceful use of nuclear energy, Kiriyenko noted that the text of the document would be scrutinized for at least a month, and then it would have to be approved by the US Congress and the Russian Federation Council. Both Russia and the US believe that nothing is standing in their way to begin the work, the head of Rosatom said, stressing that the agreement should not become a tool to pursue other issues, no matter how crucial they may be.

      Kiriyenko also said that Russia and the US had managed to advance in the negotiations on lifting anti-dumping restrictions on Russian uranium exports to the US. In this respect, Russia does not need preferential treatment, but equal access to the US market, he noted.

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