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Gazprom unlikely to gain from nuclear energy soon

      RBC, 20.04.2006, Moscow 09:56:56.Gazprom's investment in Russia's nuclear assets may only benefit the gas concern in the long term, analysts told RBC commenting on Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller's statement that the company was considering the nuclear energy sector as a prospective sphere of interest.

      If the nuclear energy sector is denationalized, Gazprom will invest funds in this sphere, an analyst believes. However, it would be a forced decision as if the gas holding were a private company, it would only benefit from the nuclear industry in the long-term outlook. It is, of course, cheaper to produce nuclear energy than to generate gas, but the payback time of new projects is rather long, as the nation presently lacks atomic facilities, which would need to built, and at a great cost. Meanwhile, Gazprom can alternatively invest funds in building export pipelines, developing gas fields instead, the analyst believes.

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