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Kazakhstan asks Russia to confirm terrorists' nationalities

      RBC, 07.09.2004, Astana 14:46:21.The Kazakhstani Embassy to Russia has sent a note to the Russian General Prosecutor's Office with the request to confirm officially the participation of Kazakhs in a siege of a school in Beslan, the press service of the Kazakhstani Foreign Ministry reported. The reason for sending the note was several publications in Russian mass media sources with reference to Sergey Fridinsky, Deputy Prosecutor General for the South Federal District, who declared that Kazakhs had been among the terrorists in Beslan.

      Russian law enforcement agencies have not confirmed this information by now. According to the Kazakhstani Embassy to Russia, there were several Chechens and Ingushs born in Kazakhstan among the terrorists. It is stressed in the note that this fact cannot be considered the ground for stating that they are Kazakhstani citizens taking into account that almost all adult Chechens were born in Kazakhstan due to the deportation during the World War Two.

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