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Russia scraps 10 subs annually

      RBC, 04.12.2003, Moscow 11:35:39. Russia scraps some 10 to 12 nuclear-powered submarines per year, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov declared opening a government meeting today. The Cabinet is to consider measures aimed at speeding up this process. At the same time, Russia needs to scarp about 200 nuclear-powered submarines. He admitted that the government had not allocated enough funds on this purpose since the collapse of the USSR. However, the process of scrapping old nuclear-powered submarines has accelerated over the past few years, he added. Kasyanov also stressed that Russia should continue cooperation with its international partners to solve this problem.

      As reported earlier, the 2003 budget envisages 1.9bn rubles ($64m) on scrapping nuclear subs. According to materials of the Russian Atomic Ministry prepared for the meeting, Russia receives considerable assistance from its foreign partners, although many countries allocate fewer funds than planned. In particular, Germany has allocated $50m out of the planned $300m, Japan $5m out of $100m and Italy has allocated nothing out of the planned $360m. According to the ministry, the process of scrapping nuclear subs might be finished by 2010.

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